Who is Molly?

We regularly get asked some variation of this question at our performances: “Which of you is Molly?!” Well, the short answer is that none of us are named Molly. However, here are some variations of our origin story.

Origin story #1

  • A few years back when we started playing gigs together, but had to make up band names for each gig, e.g., “Lucy Tingey and the Magic Candy Beans”, “Stationing Mr. Sun”, “Ruminating Ingots”, “Bug in the Bellows”, etc. Eventually we realized we needed a consistent name. With 7 people’s opinions in the mix, it was hard to come to a consensus. We decided we liked the sound of “Molly in the Mineshaft”, and the name was born.

Origin story #2

  • Alternatively, we are named after a cow that fell into a mineshaft and had to be rescued. We’re just glad the old gal is safe now! Watch the video and follow your heart to decide the true story behind our name.